Thursday, October 16, 2014

The sassafras came back. Gallery of red and yellow sassafras. Life resumes after the logging.

    A gallery of fall 'fras
Red and Yellow Sassafras At the Metacomet.

Sassafras is most easily spotted in the fall.

Sassafras lovers, rejoice.  The loggers did their thinning and clear-cutting, and the sassafras came back. We were assured that the trucks and mess (some still there) were for the woods' own good at our local high reservoir trail, and for two years some of us grieved.  Now, come and enjoy.  I understand that the red sassafras is more fragrant than the yellow, but have not noticed that yet.  Perhaps in the spring.

Metacomet trail, segment at Reservoir 6.

The trail here, overall is named for the chief Metacomet, sachem or chief of the Wampanoag tribe, who featured in King Philip's War, see

The Metacomet is part of an old Indian trail  see  The trail system now extends some 215 miles.  See

This site is not alone in bewailing the stupid stuff done in banning sassafras.  See  You can still make your own rootbeer, see  Meanwhile, write your congresspeople who, themselves, clearly, need this as the national governing drink. 

For tall, single trunk sassafras, prune out the shoots.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Oxytocin effect in sassafras? Why not let nature's inexpensive source help people feel good, meet pain sensibly, meet many needs?

Suddenly a search for oxytocin in sassafras, simple enough, turns up site after site.  Would a benign chemist please stand up and assess in an objective way whether this is so, and whether someone should start the process for reassessing the ban on sassafras.  Like marijuana, sassafras is nature itself.  Safeguards can be put in place to see that underage or other vulnerables have extremely restricted access to it.  Is sassafras so much worse, more of a threat (to whom?) that it is given prohibition. And based (check this as well) on flawed research that used its effect on rodents as the measure of ill effects on humans, when the rodents and sassafras are in an allelopathic relationship.  Sassafras defends itself by being not benign as to rodents, beavers who eat it, and the like.

Does sensible caution in use of any substance have to mean  prohibition, after flawed testing in particular, so this "hospitality tea" as used for centuries by indigenous peoples, is unavailable to adults? To feel good, or a small  buzz (or to abuse), we already have alcohol, but alcohol that takes lots of processing and is expensive.  Instead, publicize sassafras tea, other uses.

Do your own search.  Oxytocin and sassafras, oxytocin in sassafras, you pick.  I only make a hobby of spotting it in public places. 

As a sassafras-spotter, I am happy to announce that the logging at our local reservoir, up the ridge here, did not eradicate the sassafras.  Shoots, small understory, coming up -- both the yellow, which here is common; and the red, that is more rare.  Is the yellow or red, the color of the leaves turning in autumn, a function of exposure to sunlight?  Or are they different sorts.  Taking pictures as we speak.

Peyote, sassafras, marijuana, some help in feeling good in a politically toxic world, go back to nature.  This is an area, where the only competition is the rich and corrupted drug companies, where natural use of natural substances should be left to the people.  Advertise not the fancy drugs, but how to use nature, wisely.

We have been educated never to eat wild mushrooms.  Pretty, aren't they? But possibly toxic. We can educate about sassafras.

Friday, October 04, 2013

Loggers v Sassafras. Sassafras Wins

Forestry revenge.  Or clearing the way for fruitfulness?

At our sassafras walk, some 3 1/2-4 miles around a ridge-top reservoir, woods and dikes and bogs,  the loggers came through. They had permission of the forestry-district commission authorities, but there was devastation nonetheless. Does clear-cutting serve the long term health of a woods walk? Perhaps. Watchful waiting needed. Cautious optimism.

Meanwhile, experience with me the sadness at groves of sassafras apparently mindlessly mowed down and uprooted out. Do public utilities (our MDC at the reservoir) and loggers have any sense of differentiation between plants? Will the trillium survive?

As to the trillium, doubtful. Perhaps the sassafras can survive, with its millennia of experience under stress.  Underground runners, rev your engines.

 Sadness. Watchfully wait.

Some sprigs survived.  

Can one or two survivor sassafras root another thriving grove.

Update.  The prospects for our few clumps of sassafras look okay, several months after the forestry management.  Some sassafras that had been in groves, are peeking up yet again. 

Sassafras regeneration. For the species that survived Hiroshima, this is not surviving.  Forestry is not atomic bombs.  Underground runners:  whether the tactic relates to plants, or to heretics, or other dissenters, does nature say this:  if under stress, go underground if needed, wait, nurture yourself as you can, poke up a cautious head later, and see if you can survive despite them.

So far, for the MDC in CT, signs show that sassafras will rise again. 

Will exploration of its healing qualities, its attribute of enhancing insect repellence (read, bedbugs) and then congeniality, fellowship, someday outweigh the element of ecstasy that some can use to their own uses.  Perhaps.  What to control, and how, and why make sassafras a demon under the false flag of "carcinogenic" when the testing for that was intrinsically flawed.

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Sassafras on the Menu. Foraging and Lunch

On the back of an old newspaper recipe clipping can be a delight.  Turn over the sweet potato steak fries (oven-roasted crispy with cumin and coriander) and see this, date and source unknown, but probably New York Times:  caption in a section of community events -- Foraging for Lunch. For your ready rsvp, you may attend a luncheon of foraged ingredients such as "wild watercress, nasturtium leaves and sassafras...."  Quick!  How is the sassafras to be served?

What delectible portion -- tender spring rootlet, leaf, bark brewed? A foraging menu.  Yes.

We are too late.  The event was on Saturday, 11:30 AM-3:00 PM at the what? Kin Shop, 469 Avenue of the Americas -- aha!   New York. At 12th Street intersection. Cost - high for many luncheon places, but routine for NY -- $50 per and if you want a cocktail with "drinking vinegars," pay another $25.  And the phone number is given which, mercifully, we omit here.

Now to look up the Kin Shop. Kin as in relative? No, silly.  This turns out to be a Thai restaurant, see .  And in Greenwich Village.

And they received further featuring in 2010 in the New York Times, see

Now, make a reservation. A search of the menu does not show sassafras, but you can ask. What are drinking vinegars?

Monday, October 17, 2011

Hymn to Falsification: Suppressing Science, History, Natural Remedies, For Lucre.

Industry Tests With Self-Serving Results.
A Process of Medical Research.
Hymn to Falsification, Inadequacy.
1.  Research, Once it Tilts Itself to Its Advantage, 
Hopes that Nobody Checks Later.
Once a conclusion is reached, 
2.  How can there be fair checks on earlier daft conclusions, 
Can sassafras or any herb with healing, insect repellent qualities, survive the drug companies.

Hymn to falsification, inadequate, nonobjective research, and ignoring the human element in any remedy.  Do we dare ask what is "right" and if we want to encourage this or that, especially abuse.

We know well that there are remedies for desired outcomes -- the issue is more than "safety", and fast profits, but related behavior encouragement, is that so?

  • We know there are ancient plants, remedies, that have aided humanity for eons -- there, the issue becomes, in part, corporate suppressing the natural remedy because it cannot be patented 
  •  We know there are scientifically safe ways to suppress implantation of a fertilized egg in the womb -- there, the issue becomes in part, behavioral.  Do we want to encourage abusers and little boys to go ahead and force themselves, telling the little girl she just has to take a pill.  Until we can control men forcing, the pill for under 17's, or pick your age, only encourages abuse, exploitation.
What greater goal to human profiteering than falsification for profit,  and misrepresentation and exploitation avenues, in Profit's Name.  What remedies did the old wives have for young ones enceinte?  Who was burned for daring to upset the Order. Procedures suppressing natural remedies, outside the control of the Institutions.  How long? (shall we add, How Long, O Lord, How Long?)

Falsify medical research reports, omit, use faulty procedures.  Is that so?  Have we reason to trust testing by those with financial gain at stake in the outcome? Have those human shortcuts to a foregone conclusion affected medical research reports enough to warrant retesting.

Sassafras may yet hold cures.  Think of your old music appreciation course:  There used to be an old ditty for remembering a major musical work's theme, Beethoven.   "Bum da bum (buddly um bum).  Bum Bum bum bum bum Bum da bum.  (buddly um bum) Etc. Bum da bum.  Biddly bum bum. Bum da bum.

Now think:  "Plagiarize. Buddly um bum. "That's why the good Lord made your eyes."  Buddly um bum.

And now yet again, the hymn of medical research reports:  "Falsify. Buddly um bum. That's how corp profits aggrandize."

Is that so? Biddly um bum,Bum-da-bum.   Research report procedure.  Win now, falsify, then duck.

3.  Falsification for Profits News:
"Those who falsify history routinely take the path of omission. They ignore crucial facts and important pieces of evidence while cherry-picking from the documentation to prove a case."  

This, from The New Republic's review 4/7/2011 at page 29, of three books on Palestine and Israel (books by Ilan Pappe who is claimed to be falsifying here), review by Benny Morris entitled The Liar as Hero. See